Colorado Bill Could Allow School Nurses to Administer Medical Marijuana

One of the most controversial issues in medical marijuana is how schools should handles students who need cannabis to treat certain conditions. Well a new bill in Colorado could create a new model going forward.

A group of Colorado legislators introduced a bill that would allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to a student as long as they are registered with the state. Under current law, only a student's primary caregiver (so usually a parent) is allowed to administer cannabis. After administering the medical marijuana, the nurse would have to remove it from school grounds. Under the current law, parents are only allowed to administer non-smokeable forms of cannabis at school, but it's not clear if that same restriction would be placed on nurses.

The issue of medical marijuana in schools has become a larger conversation in recent months. Many states often legalize medical marijuana specifically for children dealing with serious illnesses, such as seizure disorders. But they often ban the drug from schools, which is probably when a lot of those children would need it.

A lawsuit in Illinois recently challenged state and local laws that banned medical marijuana from school campuses, although the judge ended up ruling in favor of the state.

But if this new bill becomes law in Colorado, it could become a model for more states to follow in the future.

(h/t KDVR)


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