Colorado Attorney General Says Too Many People Depend on Marijuana to Give In to Jeff Sessions

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions intended his decision to revoke protections for state's with legalized marijuana to slow down the cannabis movement, it's actually done the opposite as Vermont and New Hampshire have voted to legalize recreational marijuana. And according to the Colorado Attorney General, too many people depend on cannabis to follow Sessions' policies.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman recently gave an interview in which she said she'll defend the state's marijuana laws against Sessions attacks. Coffman actually did not support Colorado's move to legalize recreational cannabis initially, but she's changed her mind after seeing all the good it's done. She notes that millions of dollars have been invested into the industry, and to let Sessions go after those businesses would mean hurting the people of Colorado.

"We are too far into this now to say, 'Alright, simply because of a memo from the attorney general of the United States, which leaves the future somewhat uncertain, we'll stop what we are doing.' We can't stop," Coffman said. "We have folks who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in legitimate businesses depending on the Colorado state law to protect them as they made that investment."

It should be noted that Coffman is both a Republican and also a candidate running in the 2018 Colorado governor's election. It seems Coffman is trying to get into voters' good graces by promising to defend the state's marijuana laws, which are hugely popular. Of course, that doesn't mean that Coffman doesn't actually believe what she's saying. She seems to genuinely believe what she's saying about the issue.

So perhaps this is one state where if they end up with a Republican governor, marijuana users won't have to worry.

(h/t Colorado Public Radio)


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