Survey Finds Coloradans Use Marijuana For Sleep and Pain Relief, Not Partying

When most people think about Colorado legalizing marijuana, they probably imagine young people passing around a bong at a house party. But according to a new survey, very few people are buying cannabis in order to party. In fact, they're mostly using it to fall asleep.

An organization called Consumer Research Around Cannabis recently surveyed more than 1,200 marijuana users in Denver and nearby areas and asked what purpose they had for using. 47.2 percent of respondents said they used cannabis products in order to fall asleep. 47.2 percent also said they used marijuana for pain relief. The third most popular reason for using marijuana was for anxiety or depression, with 45.7 percent of respondents giving that as a reason.

Contrary to popular belief, only 28.5 percent of respondents said they used marijuana to have a good time with family or friends, a.k.a. partying. 32.8 percent said they used it for creative purposes or expanding thought processes, which sounds exactly what a college sophomore would say.

The survey also found that marijuana users were usually financially well-off. More than half of Denver's marijuana users have household incomes over $50,000 and 42 percent said they have either an IRA or 401k. 

So this Thanksgiving when your older relatives are talking about how marijuana is going to turn everyone into slackers, feel free to show them all this data to rub in their faces.


The conversation surrounding cannabis edibles continues to be dominated by fears over overdosing. You’ll often hear horror stories about people eating too much and then having a terrible, sometimes nightmarish experience. And yet, edibles remain an extremely popular method of consuming cannabis.

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