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7 Things the Color of Marijuana Will Tell You

While most people associated marijuana with the color green, we all know it comes in an array of colors. But does the color of cannabis actually mean anything?

Here are seven things you can learn from the color of marijuana:

1. Fruitiness

Some marijuana strains will appear purplish or blue as opposed to the traditional green cannabis. This tells you these strains are more likely to be fruity. The reason those strains are blue is because they have a lot of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are also found in a lot of fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

2. Potency

While the actual color of your marijuana won’t determine how much THC is in it, the amount of trichome crystals does. If your cannabis has a lot of small, white crystals on it, that means it has more THC, which means it will get you much higher.

3. Maturity

Again, the actual color of your marijuana won’t tell you much about the maturity of the plant. But if your cannabis has little orange hairs on it, that means you have a fully mature marijuana plant that’s at its peak.

4. Freshness

Similar to maturity, a very strong and vibrant color to your marijuana will also indicate that your cannabis is at its peak freshness. More faded colors indicate that it’s probably lost some of its taste and potency.

5. Imperfections

While some cannabis can appear as colors other than green, strange colors can also indicate that there’s something wrong with your marijuana. For instance, reddish leaves or buds can be a sign of a lack of phosphorous, an important element in growing any plants. Or yellowish leaves and buds can indicate a lack of nitrogen. That’s not to say any red or yellow cannabis is wrong, but if a strain is meant to be green and it does not appear that way, then there’s an issue.

6. Temperature

You can also learn what temperature marijuana is grown at based on color. Hotter temperatures in the summer where there’s more sun lead to increased chlorophyll production in plants, which causes them to become more green. But lower temperatures where there’s less sun leads to less chlorophyll, which will lead to your cannabis exhibiting other colors. This doesn’t really tell you anything about how the marijuana will taste or smell like, but it is some trivia you can impress your friends with.

7. Aesthetics

Ultimately, the biggest thing you can learn from the color is how aesthetically pleasing it is. A vibrant purple marijuana strain just looks cooler than the millions of green strains you can get.


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