Colombian Gang Puts Price on Drug Sniffing Dog's Head

In the world of drug smuggling, it's obviously not uncommon for murders or assassinations to take place. But the latest target for a Colombian gang is definitely very unusual.

The Urabeños gang in Colombia has put out a 200 million peso (about $70,000) contract for someone if they kill a drug-sniffing dog. The dog, a German Shepherd named Sombra, found around 10 tons of cocaine that belonged to the gang, which was seized by police and obviously cost them a lot of money. 

Sombra was originally stationed in Turbo, a town on the Atlantic coast that's known for drug smuggling. It's in Turbo that Sombra sniffed out the 10 tons of cocaine. Colombian authorities have moved Sombra to the Bogota airport because they feel she'll be safer and less likely to be targeted there. She's also been given extra police escorts during her patrols.

The Urabeños gang is considered the largest and most powerful in Colombia, and it's not unusual for them target people standing in their way. In 2012 they passed out leaflets offering $500 to anyone who killed a a police officer. But now they're offering more than 100 times that to kill a drug sniffing dog.

Unfortunately for the Urabeños, dogs don't respond to threats such as this since they're, you know, dogs. So even if they do get Sombra, there will just be another generation of drug sniffing dogs to take her place.

(h/t BBC)


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