Here Are the Colleges in the U.S. With the Most Drug Arrests

It's no secret that many college students use or try marijuana during their four years of studies. But apparently there are some colleges that take it way more seriously than others.

ProjectKnow went through tons of data to piece together the colleges that most often make arrests related to drugs and alcohol. While some colleges have a pretty lax enforcement policy, others take it very, very seriously.

Before we look at the colleges that make the most arrests, let's look at the states that make the most arrests. This chart below shows that Wyoming makes the most drug arrests of college students than every other state, and it's actually by a pretty wide margin. They make about 17 drug arrests per 1000 students, and the second highest state makes only nine arrests per 1000. And that's way, way, WAY more than the average state which makes only about 3.4 arrests per 1,000 students.

states with marijuana arrests

And now, here are the 25 colleges with the most drug arrests in America:

marijuana arrests on college campuses

There are 10 colleges from Pennsylvania on this list, which is pretty crazy considering the only other state with more than one university on the list is Indiana, which only has two. So apparently Pennsylvania colleges do not mess around when it comes to drugs.

There is also only one college on the list from a state with legalized marijuana, which is the University of Colorado-Boulder. Ideally, you'd wish there would be no colleges from legalized states on this list, but states have not passed laws protecting college students and marijuana.

So we'd recommend if you're looking for a college in the future that you avoid both the state of Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

(h/t Project Know)


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