College Student Forced to Dress as Christmas Tree Every Day After Tweet Goes Viral

There are two rules of the Internet: 1. If you make a public poll to name something, the winner will always be Boaty McBoatface (or some derivative of that name), and 2. If you ask for a bunch of retweets to do something ridiculous, people will retweet you.

Kelsey Hall, a junior at the University of Alabama, learned the second rule the hard way. Hall posted a picture on Twitter of herself wearing a ridiculous Christmas tree costume. She captioned the picture, "1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester."

Now, who knows if she actually thought she could get 1,000 re-tweets or if she just did it as a joke for her friends. But the tweet blew up and easily eclipsed the 1,000 milestone. As of right now, it has over 24,000 re-tweets. It appears she did not plan on this happening.

But even though she doesn't seem to have wanted to do it, she soldiered through after hitting the requested amount.

Unfortunately since Winter Break is quickly approaching, it means the semester will be over soon as well. Meaning there will only be a little over a week left of Kelsey wearing the Christmas tree around campus. 

Not sure if she's learned her lesson, or realized a brilliant way to increase her followers.

(h/t Buzzfeed)


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