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Photo Shows the Ridiculously Small Amount of Marijuana that Led to a College Football Player's Arrest

Earlier this month, University of Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick and reserve player on the football team were arrested on misdemeanor drug charges. The two players were driving back from a football game when the car they were in was pulled over for speeding. Officers smelled marijuana in the car and the two were arrested on marijuana possession charges.

On Thursday, the charges against Patrick were dropped. But what the police didn't make public was how little evidence the cops had on the linebacker when they filed the charges. The officers arrested Patrick because they found a loose marijuana leaf on the passenger's side of the car (Patrick was the one sitting on that side). A Reddit user posted a picture to show how small the amount of marijuana the cops found that led to Patrick's arrest:

georgia linebacker marijuana amount

Yes, that's an actual penny next to the marijuana that led to Patrick's arrest. It's maybe half the size. And this picture is zoomed in. Go find an actual penny and you'll see how small that cannabis actually is.

The car belonged to Patrick's friend, so the loose marijuana leaf was the only evidence police had to arrest Patrick for the incident. 

It's unclear if Patrick will still be punished by the University of Georgia for the incident. But if they saw this picture, they'd probably realize how ridiculous this whole thing was.

(h/t Reddit)


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