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Vast Majority of College Football Coaches Still Want Their Players Suspended for Marijuana Use

When it comes to marijuana use in sports, you'd expect league officials and old owners to be against athletes using cannabis. But according to CBS Sports, it turns out even coaches are firmly in the anti-marijuana camp.

CBS runs a series called "Candid Coaches" where they ask college football coaches their opinions about a bunch of different topics. Their most recent issue they talked about was marijuana use, and coaches were firmly against it.

CBS interviewed around one-fifth of the 130 coaches in FBS NCAA football and asked them their thoughts about marijuana. About 52 percent of coaches said they were against legalizing marijuana on the national level. That's quite a big difference from surveys of the general population which show about 60 percent of the American people legalizing marijuana.

But perhaps even more surprising was that 74 percent of coaches supported testing and suspending players if they test positive for marijuana. So even coaches who support marijuana legalization don't want their players using cannabis and actually want to punish them for doing so.

Now, the number of coaches surveyed was pretty small compared the total amount in NCAA FBS football, so it's possible this could just be an anomaly. But considering coaches rarely speak out about the injustices in the NCAA, such as forcing players to generate money for universities without giving them any of the benefits of being an employee, it would make sense that they would also support the NCAA's archaic drug policies.

You'd think that NCAA coaches would want to protect and support their players' personal choices than supporting an inherently unfair institution. But apparently when you just swap out players like pawns in order to win football games, you don't care enough to stand up against ridiculous laws.


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