5 College Courses on Cannabis You Can Take Right Now

Even though marijuana has been around for thousands of years, there’s still plenty more research to conduct, because there’s so much more to learn about the plant. The marijuana industry is currently growing at an exponential rate, so scientists and researchers are growing as well, finding new discoveries about the plant. These studies aren’t just limited to scientists though, because now a number of accredited universities are offering cannabis college courses for students.

University of California - Davis (UC Davis) is among one of these accredited universities offering a cannabis class for its students. The course, “Physiology of Cannabis”, hopes to raise an awareness and understanding of how cannabis and cannabinoids affect the body. The course is designed for students in the biological sciences, because it teaches the biology of cannabis and cannabinoids as well as their physiological effects in multiple systems, underlying mechanisms, and therapeutic values. The University of Vermont is another college offering a cannabis course, “Pharmacology 200: Cannabis Past, Present, and Future”. This class introduces the fundamental concepts in pharmacology and human physiology that is underlying cannabis consumption.


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