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New College Class Will Examine How the Media Portrays Marijuana

Several colleges and universities have recently begun offer classes revolving around marijuana. But usually these classes are about cultivation, business or medical value of cannabis. But one New Mexico university will teach students about marijuana's portrayal in the media.

The University of New Mexico will offer a new course on cannabis and communication. The class will teach students about how marijuana has been portrayed in the media, and other aspects of marijuana legalization in our culture today.

“For example, we're going to talk about new technologies, so Twitter were going to see how people or organizations are tweeting about marijuana. We have a biology professor that would talk about trying to work on regulation for marijuana and how it prevents him from doing research right now,” said Professor Tamar Ginossar, who will be teaching the class.

By offering this class, the University of New Mexico becomes only the 12th school in the nation to offer a course on cannabis. However, other schools are usually offering these classes to help students who are interested in the cannabis industry to know more about the business. This class is more meant to help entice people to try other classes in the university's communications department.

“We’re jokingly calling it a gateway class,” Ginossar said.

It would be pretty meta if they ended up studying this blog post as part of the class.

(h/t KOB)


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