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Why Are College Campuses Banning Marijuana in Legal States?

Recreational marijuana is allowed in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Nevada right now, and will become legal in California, Maine and Massachusetts next year. But if you attend college in any of these states, you might as well be living in any other state because marijuana is still banned on college campuses. But why is that?

University throughout California, Washington and Oregon have banned marijuana from their campuses according to Cannabis Now. Some of these colleges, such as the University of Oregon, allow students to possess and use cannabis products, as long as it's done off-campus. Others make no exception. Cannabis Now also found that these universities make no distinction between medical and recreational marijuana in their rules. So students who legitimately need medical cannabis to help treat an ailment cannot legally do so.

That means universities are endangering the well-being of their students for no reason, since marijuana is legal in these places. So why are these rules in place?

The reason is Congress. Many of these universities claim their anti-marijuana rules are in order to follow federal law. Any institution that receives federal funding is also required to follow federal law. Under national law, marijuana is illegal, so for these schools to allow cannabis on-campus would put funding at risk.

However, there does seem to be some disagreement about whether state marijuana laws make it acceptable for colleges to allow cannabis. Earlier this year, an Arizona court ruled against the state's ban on medical marijuana on college campuses since those products are legal in the state. If the case goes to a higher court, it could change campus marijuana rules everywhere. 

Until then, college students will be prohibited from using a product that's 100 percent legal in their states because Congress remains behind the times.

Imagine if colleges enforced drinking rules as strictly as marijuana rules. There wouldn't be a fraternity in the entire United States.


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