College Administrators Are Torn on How to Handle Marijuana Policy

As marijuana legalization becomes the norm in the United States, it's presented several issues for different institutions. For colleges and universities, cannabis legalization has caused new problems that they're unsure how to solve.

According to a recent survey, 79 percent of college administrators believe educational institutions need to implement new policies to reduce marijuana use by students. However, only about one-third of those administrators believe their colleges were putting enough emphasis on the topic.

The most common disciplinary action for a student caught with marijuana for a first offense was probation, according to the survey. Education and counseling for students was far less common, particularly because most universities did not have employed on-campus physicians to deal with the issue.

The survey also found that administrators involved in health, residence and safety were more aware about the problems with marijuana on campuses than those in academics or student affairs.

There's also a legal issue that colleges and universities need to deal with as well. Most campuses ban marijuana, but that is complicated in the cases of students who have legal prescriptions for medical cannabis that they need for real health issues. And in legal states, punishing students for partaking in an activity that is perfectly fine according to the law is problematic as well.

Right now, America's colleges and universities are stuck in the old way of thinking. They're still operating in the "Marijuana is bad and should be banned mindset." These institutions need to begin to considering adjusting their marijuana policies before lawsuits tell them they have to.


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