Coca-Cola Boss Strikes Down Canna-Beverage Rumors

You shouldn't be expecting Coca-Canna to hit dispensary shelves anytime soon.

Earlier this week Coca-Cola's CEO James Quincey squashed rumors that the world famous beverage maker was looking to get into the infused sodas. While Coke had previously suggested they would explore the possibility of make a CBD soda—a drink infused with a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis—Quincey said the company "doesn't have any plans" to make that happen just yet.

Coke's chief rival, Pepsi, is still mulling the idea over, however. Pepsi CFO Hugh Johnston told analysts during an earning call earlier this month that "it's fair to say we look at everything" when asked about the beverage maker's plans to develop cannabis-infused drinks.

But, Johnston noted that working with cannabis in the US continues to present a "considerable challenge"—so you should expect any marijuana-infused soft drinks from them in the near future either.

In recent months a number of big name beer makers, including Molson-Coors and Constellation Brands, have begun working on their own offings for the cannabis-infused beer market. Big name players in non-alcoholic beverages have been slower to enter the market, though. But, back in August, Heineken launched a line of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages that are being marketed as something more akin to a lightly flavored sparkling water.

With the growing interest in canna-beverages from other massive drinks companies, it seems likely that both Coca-Cola and Pepsi will get involved in the game as some point. Whether we get Coke Green or Pepsi Kush first remains to be seen.


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