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Coachella Picks Port-a-Potties Over Kanye West for 2019 Concert

When Kanye West recently forced Coachella organizers to pick between him and proper sanitation facilities, the music festival's team chose port-a-potties over the award-winning rapper.

The incident started earlier this month, when Coachella was set to announce Kanye West as the headliner for the 2019 concert in April. Then West backed out abruptly because organizers refused to accommodate his request to build him a massive dome equipped with 360-degree production that would offer “high-tech production and immersive video,” according to Rolling Stone. And, of course, West would perform at the center of the massive structure.

Organizers rejected the idea for two reasons. One, they didn't think they'd be able to construct the dome in time for April. And two, the structure would force them to remove numerous port-a-potties from the festival grounds. In response, West pulled out of the event, which isn't surprising since he hates being shown up by fellow musicians, so getting snubbed in favor of sewage probably didn't sit well with Kanye. 

But hope for the dome might not be lost. Since West is tight with Donald Trump, there's always a chance of talking the president into building the dome along the US-Mexico border in the name of national security. 


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