CNN Reporter Rings In The New Year Aboard The 'Cannibus'

Ringing in the New Year by smoking lots of weed is nothing new. But smoking lots of weed live on CNN? That's quite a bit rarer.

That was the case during this year's CNN New Year's Eve Live 2018. Hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen - located in New York City - checked in with reporter Randi Kaye as she took a "canni-bus" through Denver, Colorado. Kaye, decked out in a very fitting pair of weed-leaf earrings, doesn't actually consume on camera. But she does seem to be....well, let's just say she seems very happy to be there. Take a look:

Fun fact: This wasn't Kaye's first time on the cannabis beat. Check out this report from Anderson Cooper 360, featuring Kaye reporting on a newly-legal Colorado.


The cannabis industry has a packaging problem. In fact, more broadly speaking, it has a sustainability problem. Regulations in legal states, aiming to childproof cannabis products, have had the side effect of creating massive waste, while cultivation can be energy and water intensive.

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