Unlike Clark Griswold, Most U.S. Workers Will Receive A Bigger Bonus This Christmas

If you’ve been on the fence about springing for that ultra-pricey Christmas gift your significant other has been dropping not-so-subtle hints about, a new survey may have some good news for you (and your SO.)

The average American worker will receive a Christmas bonus 25 percent larger than last year’s, according to a recent survey of 500 U.S. companies.

While employees received an average year-end bonus of roughly $858 this year, managers plan to give out an average $1,081, reports recruiting agency Accounting Principles.  

Of course, not all workers can anticipate a fatter wallet this Christmas. Twenty-five percent of human resource executives who were surveyed said they had no plans to give employees a monetary bonus this year.

There is a silver lining for those employees, however. More than half of the companies that won’t be giving cash bonuses have other plans, like giving workers other perks or bonuses at other points throughout the year.

Other employers reported having no plans to give out bonuses because their overall finances were worse than expected, or due to the state of the economy.

And there's good news for slackers, too. The survey said that poor performance rarely translates to hiring managers doling out no bonus at all: Just two percent of human resources executives said they neglected to give out bonuses because of employees’ inadequate performance.

Finally, no post on Christmas bonuses would be complete without the obligatory mention of the Chevy Chase's meltdown in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, when he found out he wouldn't be receiving a holiday bonus that year.

h/t Fortune

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