Never Let Them See You Sweat: Style Guide For Your Bike Commute

Doesn't matter where you live: everyone's cycling to work these days. But hopping on the velocipede, rather than into the SUV, doesn't mean you have to arrive looking like a hot mess.

Here's some essential gear for a civilized bike commute.

1. A sweet helmet

Safety comes first, and the matte black and subtle visor of The Pro-tec Riot Street Bike Helmet possess a sophistication that's more high-finance than Tour de France. Smooth silhouette protects that gorgeous noggin of yours. ( $44.95-$59.43 from Amazon)

2. A dress shirt equal to the journey

If your commute is short enough that you can get away with not changing at work, The Apollo Dress Shirt by Ministry of Supply's moisture-wicking fibres resist wrinkles and sweat-stains. Thermolaminated collar stays crisp, sans ironing. ( $98, Ministry of Supply)

3. Shoes that can do double-duty

These hip suede derby shoes look sharp at the office while satisfying the specific needs of bike commuters: hides an SPD cleat in the sole, has a 3M reflective back tab for night rides, cork insole layer for shock absorption, and a splash-proof, water-resistant treatment on the uppers ( $305, Qouc Pham)

Quoc Pham | Cycling Shoes - Derby - Brown Suede

4. Hi-tech undies

Thigh-chafing is the enemy of athletes everywhere: happily, it's totally preventable if your underwear doubles as compression shorts. These Under Armour shorts reduce chafing and protect your junk: the manufacturers even claim they repel odour-causing microbes. ( $24.99-$29.99 from Amazon)

5. The perfect bag.

Henty Wingman has designed the Cadillac of commuter gym/utility bags: designed to transport business suits, dresses, iPads, etc. with satchel-like convenience. Semi-rigid vertical ribs restrict the diameter of the suit bag when rolled, minimizing wrinkles. Can carry one suit plus one shirt, or up to three shirts with no suit. ( $152 U.S. by Henty Wingman)

6. Dry shampoo.

Helmet-head is a hazard, especially if your strands are fine, oily, or on the longer side. Don't gross out your office mates. Stashing a can of dry shampoo, available at your nearest Walmart or Walgreen's for about $6, nixes the wet look.

7. Deodorant

Duh: a French bath is a basic courtesy to your office mates. If you're excessively sweaty person (think patches of back-sweat that bloom regardless of the temperature, conditions, or level of exertion) you need to try Dricolor: principal active ingredient is aluminium chloride, which actually reduce the amount of sweat your glands produce. Totally #fresh.


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