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Civilized Presents Legally Blunt Weed Panel

The new year is approaching, which means that the new cannabis regulation are coming, so cannabis companies, dispensaries, brands, and practices need to prepare to meet the new requirements. Some of the legislation will affect how businesses interact with their clients, so it’s certainly important to be aware of these changes. The team at Manzuri Law will address these changes in an in-depth panel “Legally Blunt”, hosted by Civilized.

Manzuri Law is a premier boutique law firm based in Los Angeles that advises clients on compliance and defense, with a specialty in cannabis law. The firm has a history of representing clients in the legal cannabis business world by counseling those looking to license their cultivation, distribution, edibles, concentrates, and ancillary businesses while remaining compliant with state and local laws. At the legal weed panel, attorneys from Manzuri Law will address the main and important regulations that will impact California and Los Angeles. The event is on Thursday, October 26th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Early bird tickets are available for $150, but with the promo code CIV50, you can get them for $100.    


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