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Our Poll Shows The Face Of Marijuana Is Exactly Who You Think It Is

We wanted to know the face of cannabis in America, so we asked 1,050 Americans (including 379 cannabis consumers) as part of the inaugural Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll. The results of the poll conducted by Environics Research Group were, well, not surprising. But take a look to see if they line up with what you think. And check out our top five's best marijuana moments.

5. Willie Nelson

The poll gave Americans a list of names to choose from, but the most popular write-in was Willie Nelson. Of the 8 percent who chose "other," the country-music icon was the most popular choice, especially among those 55 or older. Here's Willie discussing his affection for marijuana, which he calls "an old friend that's never betrayed [him]."

4. Seth Rogen

In total, 6 percent of respondents said they associated the "Pineapple Express" (2008) star with marijuana consumption. But Rogen was even more popular among the younger crowd: 16 percent of Americans 18-24 saw Rogen as the face of cannabis. Here he is testifying at a Senate hearing on Alzheimer's, where Rogen briefly mentioned marijuana before discussing the disease afflicting his mother-in-law. According to the chairman, Rogen's testimony was historic: "I want the record to note this is the first any Congressional hearing in history that the words 'knocked up' have ever been used."

3. Bill Maher

Among the general respondents polled, Bill Maher edged out Seth Rogen by one percent (7 percent to 6 percent). But among cannabis users, Rogen beat the "Real Time" host 11 percent to 10 percent. So their position on this list is really a toss up. And it's not the first time these two have competed for accolades in the cannabis community. Check out this clip of Maher and Rogen discussing the time they competed for the High Times Stoner of the Year award.

2. Tommy Chong

Three in 10 respondents said they associated cannabis use most with the star of Up in Smoke (1978). Co-star Cheech Marin, incidentally, didn't make the list. Perhaps that's because Chong is not only a famous stoner on screen but a cannabis activist in real life. Here's Tommy speaking at Hash Bash 2016, where he told crowds that the munchies saved his life while he underwent treatment for cancer.

1. Snoop Dogg

Shocking, isn't it? The iconic rapper and marijuana business mogul topped the poll. In total, 48 percent of respondents said they associated cannabis usage most with Snoop. And among the younger crowd (18-24), 59 percent gave their votes to "The Doggfather," making him the hands-down favorite. Here's Snoop recalling a time he and Willie Nelson took a break from the recording studio in Amsterdam and split a bucket of KFC.


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