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The Civilized Gift Guide

Are you looking for a gift for the cannabis consumer in your life? They may be a chocolate fanatic, a vape aficionado, or an outdoor enthusiast. Or maybe they have discerning tastes keen to experiment with a variety of cannabis products. We've put together a list of great gift suggestions - along with a few that aren't cannabis products because we know they’re interested in many other things - as you enter the week before Christmas with some loved ones to still cross off your list. 

1. To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates 

art of the edibles5

These hand-crafted, cannabis-infused nutty truffles and boozy bonbons are so good - enticing, enlivening and unforgettable - that you want to bite off big chunks to savor the taste, rather than take small nibbles. So the company made sure to make them with small doses of THC (2.5 milligrams) as well as large (as high as 45 milligrams). "It was very important to have a chocolate that would fit a person who had never tried cannabis before, and would allow them to have a pleasant experience and not have to take only a small bite," Tomer Grassiany told Mashable. All of the ingredients are either medicinal or nutritional, and we provide a dosage guide with recommendations for chocolates depending on your needs or moods, whether you are looking for pain relief or a creative spark for work or play. Bring a box to a dinner party instead of a fancy bottle of wine. Prices: Start at $30 for sampler boxes of 4. Purchases can made through the company web site.

2. Boveda Humidity Control Packs


Give the gift of fresh buds this holiday season. Remember using wet cotton balls, orange peels and potato slices in an attempt to control the moisture in your bud? Yeah - it was messy. Luckily for us, Boveda has brought their 20 years of two-way humidity control experience to cannabis. Boveda invented and holds the patents on two-way humidity control, which is the ability to add and remove moisture to maintain a specific RH (relative humidity) in a container. The right humidity then provides the right moisture content in the flower, which maximizes safety, quality, potency and weight. It's basically a low-priced insurance policy for happiness. Price: $13.25.

3. Evoxe Labs Balance Pen


Experience the incredible neuro-protectant properties of cannabis without altering your senses. The Evoxe Labs Balance Pen unlocks the innate therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD extract combined with restorative essential oils. CBD has been heralded as a natural pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory, a sleep aid, and a relaxant without the psychoactive properties of THC. What makes this vape different? It blends hemp-derived CBD with restorative essential oils to maximize your experience. The Frankincense oil refreshes the body, Ylang Ylang lifts your mood, Geranium cleanses the body of toxins and Tangerine naturally awakens the senses. The perfect gift for the ‘canna-curious’ or anyone who appreciates health and wellness. Price: $40 from Evoxe Labs, available nationwide.

4. The hmbldt dose penTM

hmbldt Pen Product

This new vape pen contains over 200 doses of specially designed formulas that blends cannabinoids and terpenes engineered to give the consumer a desired experience: bliss, sleep, calm and relief. Each pen contains over 200 precise 2.25 mg doses - and the company recommends between one and three doses per hour depending on the consumer's level of experience with cannabis. The consistency of the dose pen is incredible - a timed control emits a gentle vibration after three seconds of inhaling, to signal the end of the dose. Meanwhile the heating mechanism has been fine-tuned to suit the specific terpenes in each formula, giving the user a dependable experience specifically tailored to their unique needs. In an interview with Civilized, President Matt Seashols put it simply: "quality of life is our desire." They must be onto something. TIME magazine included the hmbldt's formulas and dose pen on its list of the Top 25 Inventions of 2016 with a headline "Cannabis that Could Replace Pills". Price: $100 for the 500mg dose pen. 

5. The Nuggy

the nuggy tool2

There's something eminently satisfying about gadgets that consolidate 10 different functions into a single, elegant tool. Think of the enduring popularity of the Swiss Army Knife. For DIY guys who also have a special love for cannabis, multi-tools don't get much better than The Nuggy. Equipped with a knife, scissors, and multi-position (a.k.a roach) clip, the Nuggy has everything you need to roll a joint on the go: a tamper, mini-spoon, and bowl scraper will also come in handy if you want to take a few hits off the pipe and enjoy the scenery in some remote wilderness location. If all that weren't enough, the Nuggy also has a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, metal pick, and LED flashlight (with batteries included). The little green unit fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than half a pound: all you need is your stash.  Price: $29.70 (currently selling for 10 percent off retail price).

6. ClubM

club m cannabis products

ClubM is for the discerning cannabis consumer who wants to try the increasing array of quality strains and products, but doesn't know where to start and isn't keen on broadcasting their passion for cannabis by browsing storefront dispensaries in their hometown. For the discrete consumer of cannabis - one with fine tastes for the latest in cannabis products - each month a box that looks like a leather-bound black book arrives at your doorstep. It contains a carefully curated mix of flower, edibles and accessories delivered to your door anywhere in California (yes, sorry guys, the service is currently only available in the Golden State). To celebrate the passage of Prop 64, ClubM has a special holiday promotion: purchase three months of the box delivery and receive a fourth month for free. This limited-time promotion also includes the M1K limited edition $1,000 box. Monthly prices begin at $97.

7. The Timberland Hat

timberland hat

This rugged winter beanie was designed to hold up against cold, wintry conditions. The synthetic acrylic construction is water-proof, won't itch, and the sleek styling goes well with what you wear for work or leisure activities. If you're looking for stocking stuffers or for something that pairs well with another small gift, the Timberland hat is a great gift to accompany the Nuggy. Price: $9.99.

8. The Guide Pro Courier RIFD

Courier Bag

This shoulder bag from Eagle Creek is the perfect companion for a jaunt around town or a quick day-hike. This All Ways Secure™ courier comfortably slings over the shoulder or can be worn cross-body. It has a padded tablet sleeve, lockable zippers, central lock points, and Passport-sized RFID blocker pocket, which helps you keep your things secure and organized (and where you could also store your Nuggy). It would also hold your ClubM box, Evoxe Labs Balance Pen, hmbldt BlissTM Pen, and To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates! Price: $60.

9. Salt Life Sunglasses

Saltlife Sunglasses

Salt Life sunglasses are produced in Italy using Swiss-made TR90 material and Zeiss lenses, the finest in the world. The Zeiss lenses have a proprietary five-layer anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lens that eliminates glare and a double ri-pel coating on the outside and inside of the lens that functions like rain-ex so water bounces off your lenses. All of the coatings are vacuum sealed so they will not delaminate. Colors appear vibrant and natural with Zeiss's exclusively formulated tints that bolster contrast and clarity without distorting the color spectrum. You will see a significant difference between Zeiss lenses and all other brands. The polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, shatterproof and scratch resistant. The lenses are polarized and offer 100 percent UV protection from harmful rays. Prices: Start at $169.

10. Premium Civilized Tee

Civilized Tee

Last but not least, stay Civilized this holiday season with one of our premium tees. This special t-shirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe and available in both black and white, in men's and women's styles. This is not your average tee – it’s made from 100 percent super-soft cotton with a stylish fit and long cut. Plus, we’ve equipped the shirt with many small details and a few Easter eggs – how many can you find? This premium tee is only available for a limited time. Price: $30.


There are so many strains of marijuana available it can be nearly impossible to figure out which one is right for you. And sure, a knowledgeable budtender could point you in the right direction, but we think we've figured out a better method for choosing a marijuana strain. Take our quiz below to find out which cannabis strain is your true soulmate.

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