The Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Outdoor enthusiasts can be hard to shop for during the holidays, especially if you're trying to give them cannabis-themed presents they can use on their al fresco adventures. To give you some inspiration, here's the Civilized gift guide for the outdoor enthusiast who won't go anywhere without cannabis.


1. Roll-Uh-Bowl

Made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone, the original Roll-Uh-Bowl is a light, foldable bong that's a perfect gift for active cannabis users who would love to have a bubbler while spending time in the great outdoors.

To buy: $34.99;


2. Skunk Roll Up Explorer Backpack

Give the outdoor enthusiast in your life a discreet, weather-proof backpack made specifically to be used outside and keep odors under wraps, like the Roll Up Backpack from Vatra.

To buy: $149.00;


3. The Nuggy

The Nuggy multi-tool makes an awesome gift for cannabis smokers who often find themselves out of the house, as it features nine stainless steel tools and a LED flashlight.

To buy: $33.00;


4. iChief iPhone Rolling Tray Case

This iPhone accessory is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for the perfect joint rolling surface; with this gift, the search is over!

To buy: $30.00;


5. The Solar Hit Pipe

The outdoor lover you know will enjoy the novelty and innovation of the Solar Hit Pipe, which uses natural sunlight to vaporize herb in a decent-sized, wind-protected bowl.

To buy: $25.00;


6. gnoB Socket

Give the cannabis-loving outdoor enthusiast in your life the gnoB Socket, which features a dual-bowl, stainless steel design that turns standard plastic bottles and aluminum cans into a waterfall/gravity bong.

To buy: $19.95;


7. The T Case

Give the outdoor enthusiast who prefers to smoke out of a glass piece an original T Case (available in several sizes) a hard-shell case with an ultra-durable exterior that's waterproof, airtight, and features a padded interior that will keep fragile items safe.

To buy: $30.00-198.00;


8. Canniloq Containers

The aluminum, locking containers from Canniloq are great gifts for an outdoor enthusiast who's always looking for something to keep a cannabis stash safe on an outdoor excursion.

To buy: $35.95-54.95;


Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been on the forefront of health and beauty trends for the past couple years and is continuing to pop up everywhere as the market expands and continues to gain momentum. Previously sold by head shops, health food stores, or online retailers, CBD has dramatically entered the mainstream as a health or nutritional supplement, making a splash in the beauty industry as a skin care and cosmetics add-in, as well as in the food industry, garnishing mocktails or lattes for an extra couple bucks each. The health and beauty industries are wont to never miss out on a booming trend, and CBD is no exception.