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The Holiday Gift Guide for the Cannabis Tech Lover

We know you probably have a friend or family member who loves cannabis as much as tech gadgets (and vice versa) and you might be wondering what kind of gift would cater to both passions. Well, we are here to help. To give you some help this holiday season, here's the Civilized gift guide for the cannabis consuming technology lover in your life.

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1. NOVA™ Decarboxylator

Time-controlled, compact, and completely odorless, the NOVA™ Decarboxylator from Ardent Cannabis is the most sophisticated and accurate tool on the market for maximizing the potency of your flower, kief, or extract. Invented by Boston-based attorney and cannabis advocate Shanel Lindsay, the NOVA™ Decarboxylator delivers a level of quality and potency that can’t be matched.

To buy: $210.00;

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2. Firefly 2

However you’re celebrating this holiday season, a Firefly 2 is guaranteed to help you spread the holiday cheer. The finest high-tech vaporizer on the planet will be a gift that keeps on giving for any cannabis lover in your life (including yourself). Firefly 2's dynamic convection technology was designed exclusively for those who love the plant, offering the purest vapor and maximum efficiency. That means phenomenal flavor and zero waste. It’s compatible with both dry flowers and concentrates making it the only portable dab rig you’ll ever need. It's known as the iPhone of vaporizers for a reason. 

As a holiday treat, enjoy a very special offer of $80 off for limited quantities from Dec 15-Jan 3.  

To buy: $249.95;


3. PenSimple by JAEB Designs

The PenSimple is a sleek, discreet cannabis grinder/storage device/dispenser that packs a perfect-sized bowl at the push of a button. No need to do it yourself when you've got this amazing gadjet. 

To buy: $69.00;

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4. Plug’N Plant System by Leaf

Any tech lover will be thrilled to get Leaf's Plug’N Plant System, a self-contained automatic grow unit that you can control from your Android or iPhone. Just make sure it's legal where you live...

To buy: $2,990.00; getleafco.checkout/.


5. R2-D2 Themed Oil Rig by Empire Glassworks

Give the technology lover in your life this droid-inspired dabbing rig as a gift; it's handmade in the USA and small enough to take on the go.

To buy: $169.99;


6. Luminary Beacon by Sage Analytics

The Luminary Beacon is a sleek and portable potency profiling unit that will give tech loving cannabis user in your life the ability to accurately analyze the cannabinoid content of marijuana strains within minutes.

To buy: contact Sage Analytics directly.


7. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

Tech lovers need help keeping the air around them clean and free from the odor of cannabis smoke just like everyone else, and original products from Smokebuddy are perfect for doing just that.

To buy: $14.95-59.95;

8. Wisp Vaporizing System by CannaKorp

Any cannabis using tech lover will appreciate the convenience and novelty of the Wisp Vaporizing System, which quickly processes consistent doses of single-serve “pot pods” (available in sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only varieties) with the touch of a button. The Wisp Vaporizer will be available in select markets in time for the 2017 holiday season.

To buy: $249.00;


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