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The Holiday Gift Guide for the Cannabis Kitchen

If you have a friends or family members who love to infuse foods and drinks with marijuana, or just enjoy a nice edible, you may be wondering what gifts to get them for their cannabis kitchens. To help you brainstorm, here's the Civilized gift guide for all things culinary. 


1. Dr. Norm's Edible Cookies

Awarded the 2017 Dope Magazine Industry Award for Best Edible Company in Southern California, Dr. Norm's has become a staple of the cannabis kitchen. Their cookies (called Chocolate Chip Therapy) are bite-sized and come in 4 dosages: 5mg, 10mg, 25mg and 75mg., and are available in single dose sleeves and multi-dose bags. Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside, these cookies are all about taste, and Dr. Norm's is all about responsible THC dosing. Know your dose!

To buy: Consult your local dispensary;


2. Stonerware Baking Pan from ICUP

Any cannabis cook will love the ICUP's silicone baking pan with six large molds in the shape of cannabis leaves. Since it's oven, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe, it can mold everything from cannabis-infused brownie batter to home-made marijuana ice cream.

To buy: $13.00;


3. Tasting Journal from Octavian Labs

The cannabis cook in your life will be able to keep track of how different marijuana strains taste and affect them personally with a handmade Tasting Journal from Octavian Labs, which will help make it easier for them to choose which varieties to incorporate in their culinary creations.

To buy: $8.08;


4. Magical Butter 2E

One of the biggest challenges in a cannabis kitchen is infusing butter with cannabis, but with the Magical Butter 2E, the process is simple. It's the perfect gift for both those who only make "cannabutter" occassionally and those who use it daily.

To buy: $174.95;

ganga kitchen

5. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine, by Jessica Catalano

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution is a great gift for cannabis chefs of every skill level, offering dozens of recipes from all over the world and detailed descriptions of different extraction methods.

To buy: $22.00,

WB mug

6. Wake and Bake Coffee Mug Pipe from Brothers With Glass

No cannabis kitchen is complete without a cool coffee mug that's also a functional bowl, like this classic model in green from Brothers With Glass.

To buy: $27;


7. tCheck 2

The tCheck 2 cannabis oil potency checker is the perfect gift to take your loved one's cannabis kitchen to the next level, as it quickly gives an accurate reading of the cannabinoid profile of the marijuana-infused oil (or butter, ghee, etc.).

To buy: $149.99;


8.  Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts, by Karin Lazarus

This cookbook offers instructions for 75 gourmet desserts, tips for making cannabis kitchen staples (like marijuana-infused coconut oil and THC-infused sugar), and information on how to properly dose edibles.

To buy: $25.00;

candy ice

9. Marijuana Leaf Embossed Candy Mold

Perfect for making cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and other candies (both hard and soft), this silicone mold features an embossed marijuana leaf design and can also be used to make ice cubes.

To buy: $12.99;


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