Civilized Founder Discusses Marijuana Legalization

Derek Riedle is the Founder and Publisher of Civilized, which speaks to motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, without having it define them. This includes Derek Riedle, who also chooses to consume cannabis because he says, “I consume cannabis as a healthy part of a balanced lifestyle… and to be honest, it’s improved my life. It’s improved the quality time that I have with my kids, it has driven alcohol, which is a low-dose poison, out of my life, there’s a lot of empty calories with sugar. I’m generally just more well with cannabis.”

Riedle had the opportunity to share his thoughts on cannabis and the healthy lifestyle he lives because he attended this year’s Politicon 2017 to discuss such topics. During the Weed Nation panel at Politicon, a group of experts and politicos, including Riedle, discussed the implications of legalization and how it will affect the United States’ economy and the national and political culture. Riedle sat down with the likes of Krishna Andavolu, Kellen Russoniello, Kevin Sabet, Roger Stone, Roy Wood Jr., and Xeni Jardin.


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