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Get Away From It All (Except The Stuff You Enjoy)

It's camping season: time to grab a book and a bag of marshmallows, leave the glowing blue screens at home, and kick back in picturesque, pared-down surroundings. For those who want to leave it all behind - all except, of course, the creature comforts you can't live without - here are 5 pieces of essential camping gear.

1. World's Smallest Pub Tent

Guaranteed to attract new friends to your little slice of paradise, this temporary abode is screen-printed with the likeness of a charming, traditional English pub complete with manicured shrubbery and a sign advertising, "Welcome, Great Food, Log Fires, Live Music." Not just a pretty face: it's actually a four-season, 100-percent waterproof tent made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Also comes with a stand-alone pub sign flag to stick in the ground outside, which you can customize with any text you want when you order from Field Candy.

2. Roll-Uh-Bowl

Normally, going back to the land means eschewing the luxury of a bong in favour of a pipe or pre-rolls - who, after all, wants to tote fragile glassware around in a backpack? Happily, Roll-Uh-Bowl has made a water pipe that lets you enjoy a smooth smoke almost anywhere: the foldable, portable silicone water pipe is equipped with removable composite downstem, black anodized alloy eject-a-bowl and Cookies Blue silicone band. 8" tall when in use: folds to fit into palm of your hand, and when you get home, you can just pop it in the dishwasher to clean.

3. Selk'bag

Achieve new heights of chill in the Selk'bag Sleepwear System, which is exactly what it looks like: a wearable, anatomically-fitted sleeping bag. The next-level Snuggie, tested in the Chilean Andes, includes removable booties, kangaroo pockets, and at least a modicum of mobility (according to manufacturers, anyway). Leg vents help to regulate temperature: flip up the hood for added warmth, and to ensure no one knows it's you in that snuggly, toasty moon suit.

4. Delta Windproof Lighter

A dead lighter is almost as bad as finding your supply has run dry in the middle of nowhere. This ultra-hardy flame from Delta is guaranteed to not let you down: the rubberized case is super durable and impact-resistant and the Piezo-Electric ignition system is good for over 30,000 ignitions. Flame burns at 2,000 degrees and can withstand winds of up to 80 miles per hour without going out, making it perfect to bust out when the band starts covering "November Rain."

5. Matte Black Steel Cooler

Bring back the classics: this 54-quart steel cooler looks just like the one you remember from childhood camping trips, only redesigned for 2016. Keeps ice up for to three full days in temperatures up to 100 degrees: rubber grips make transporting easy. It's leakproof, rust-resistant, and guaranteed to stay as cool as you are.


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