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Civilized Announces Plans to Acquire Digital Publication Business of Cannabis

Working in the cannabis industry can be messy, and we're not just talking about dealing with plant trimmings that get everywhere. With conflicting rules and regs from province to province in Canada, and state to state in America, cannabis companies needed help with navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of the industry.

That's why Blaine Pearson, Jay Rosenthal and Reva Seth got together to create Business of Cannabis - a media platform offering authoritative insights into the cannabis sector. Since its founding in July of 2017, Business of Cannabis has consistently produced original, multiplatform content to help those working in and around the industry. With expert insights, dynamic research and fresh perspectives, Business of Cannabis has successfully positioned itself as an influential voice in the emerging cannabis movement.

That's why we're happy to announce that Civilized Worldwide is adding Business of Cannabis to our brand.

Today, Civilized announced plans to acquire Business of Cannabis in order to pursue our shared goal of challenging outdated cannabis stereotypes by bringing authentic business and lifestyle stories to audiences across North America.

"The team at Business of Cannabis has really shed a light on the leadership and sophistication of the business side of the Canadian cannabis industry," says Derek Riedle, Civilized’s Publisher. "They have become influential thought leaders in our common goal of eliminating stigma by sharing news stories that more accurately reflect the reality of today’s cannabis culture. They are great people and good friends. We are excited to bring them into our expanding portfolio as we strengthen our position as a leading source for cannabis news, stories and information."  

In turn, this acquisition will help Business of Cannabis fulfill its mandate to provide industry stakeholders with cutting edge info on cannabis markets around the world. 

"In this industry, depth and reach are the pillars that separate the leaders from the followers, and this acquisition delivers that in spades," said Jay Rosenthal, President, Business of Cannabis. "With Civilized, we can build on our strong leadership position and leverage their expert content and events team to give our audience a more robust, compelling and holistic offering."

Rosenthal and Pearson will continue to lead daily operations from Toronto and become employees of Civilized, while Seth will remain on as a strategic advisor.

This news comes on the heels of Civilized recent announcement of plans to acquire The 420 Games, North America’s only events company that shines a spotlight on the complementary pairing of cannabis and athleticism.

The planned acquisition of Business of Cannabis is expected to close by the end of 2018, following the completion of the final due diligence review.


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