The Veterans Walk & Talk in Malibu with Civilized and 99 High Tide

On Sunday January 28th,  Civilized, IPW, and the Malibu dispensary 99 High Tide, hosted the Veterans Walk & Talk hike in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Malibu coastline. The event kicked off with a gathering of dozens of veterans meeting for an educational talk at 99 High Tide before embarking on an afternoon hike to the mountain summit.

Veterans Walk & Talk is a community project created by Colin Wells for veterans committed to healing with the powers of cannabis medicine and the great outdoors. The project organizes weekly hikes where human connection and communication along with the refreshing new perspective of nature is the healing modality. The veterans continue to find affordable, reliable, high-quality cannabis and cannabis education from 99 High Tide Collective, which is now committed to helping the project, as the veterans search for the unique medicine that suits their needs.

Special thanks to Canndescent and Cheef Naturals.


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