These Are The Cities that Smoked the Most Weed in 2018

The world's top ten cannabis-consuming cities smoked a collective 360 metric tonnes of weed in 2018. Surprisingly, some of the top consuming cities don't actually allow recreational or medical cannabis use. But that doesn't mean people in those countries don't smoke a lot of weed.

According to ABCD, a German research firm, New Delhi, India is quite the cannabis hotspot these days, consuming 38.26 metric tonnes of weed annually. That puts New Delhi at third on ABCD's list of the top cannabis consuming cannabis countries across the world.

The second place prize goes to Karachi, Pakistan. Much like in India, cannabis is still illegal for recreational use in Pakistan, but that hasn't stopped Karachi from becoming a real cannabis hub where 41.95 tonnes of weed are consumed on average each year.

And while the numbers show that cannabis is popular all over the world, it was an American city that grabbed the number one spot—and by no small margin either. Each year, New York City consumes approximately 77.44 metric tonnes of cannabis. What is perhaps surprising is that even though recreational cannabis is still illegal in NYC, New Yorkers still managed to beat out cities like LA (4th place), where the substance is legal for adult use.

So who consumes that absolute least amount of cannabis? People in Singapore City, Singapore, who only smoke a measly 0.02 tonnes annually. That's not all that surprising given the severity of the country's drug laws, where trafficking can mean the death penalty.

Global cannabis prices

The research team also took a look at the cannabis prices around the world. They found that the most expensive place to buy cannabis is Tokyo, Japan, where the average gram will run you $32.66 USD. Ouch! Most of the other cities where cannabis is extra pricey are also in Asia. For instance, a gram goes for $32.44 in Seoul, South Korea and $27.48 a gram in Hong Kong.

The world's cheapest weed, however, can be found in South America. In Quito, Ecuador a gram will only run you $1.34! In Bogota, Colombia and Asuncion, Paraguay a gram costs only $2.20. Now that's cheap.

h/t The Express Tribune


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