Cincinnati Decriminalizes Up to 3 Ounces of Cannabis

The city of Cincinnati is making a big change to its pot policy. Its city council decided yesterday that the Ohio city would decriminalize up to 3 ounces of cannabis.

A person can still be cited for possession under the new rule, but they won’t receive a fine or a criminal record.

WLWT5 reports that the decision follows weeks of debate.

"I would say that since we've been debating this each week a hundred African American men have been impacted by this law,” Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman said. "We've got to stop it. We've got to stop it now.”

The measure was opposed by some members of the council. While some council members we simply against decriminalization, other members criticized the measure for not going far enough. Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard argued that “the effort to decriminalize should have gone hand in hand with the effort to expunge,” thereby cleaning the records of people charged with non-violent cannabis offenses.

The measure will take effect in 30 days.


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