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Public Enemy's Chuck D Does 'Rap Pilates' To Stay On His Game

Chuck D broke onto the rap scene in the late 80s by offering provocative criticisms of American politics and culture as the leader of Public Enemy. Thirty years later, he's still going strong thanks to a special, hip-hop exercise regimen.

"Pilates," the rapper recently told Rolling Stone. "My trainer, Kathy Lopez, invented rap Pilates, which is kinda dope."

Chuck explained that pilates help build up the core strength needed to endure the grind that comes with doing shows with Public Enemy as well as Prophets of Rage — a rap supergroup formed in 2016 with former Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk teaming up with DJ Lord of Public Enemy and  B-Real of Cypress Hill

"Everything is about core strength, which I need to be able to do Public Enemy and do high-octane shows with Prophets of Rage," the rapper told Rolling Stone Recently. "Your power comes from building your diaphragm, having your cardio balance and eating right. But your core is everything."

No doubt Flavor Flav has kept his core strong by wearing those heavy clocks all these years.

Check out the rest of the Rolling Stone interview here.


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