Check Out Chuck Berry's 'Lady B. Goode,' The Musical Sequel To His Biggest Hit

Rock pioneer Chuck Berry is gone, but he won't be forgotten for a long time - especially since his posthumous album 'Chuck' comes out on June 9. And it's already causing a stir with the single 'Lady B. Goode' - a companion piece to Berry's 1958 hit 'Johnny B. Goode'.

Like the original song, 'Lady' takes place in Louisiana. But it follows the story of the 'little teen queen' that became Johnny's main squeeze.

The track also brings together three generations of Berry's as Chuck's son and grandson both played guitar on the single, which rock historian Douglas Brinkley says is an ode to the family's matriarch: Themetta Berry.

"Clearly this is the most autobiographical song on CHUCK," Brinkley wrote in the album's liner notes. "Just hearing him sing of 'New Ore-leans' and 'shrimp and red beans and rice' is a real kick. Once again the combination of Lohr's barrelhouse piano and Berry's lightning-quick guitar rocks the roof off. And the two younger Berrys - son Charles, Jr. and Charles Berry III - blaze away on their magic guitars having learned well from the master."

If you like that, check out the other two singles from 'Chuck,' which Berry finished up less than a year before his death on March 18, 2017.

h/t Rolling Stone


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