The Highway Patrol Says Santa Wouldn't Like Weed Cookies. We Beg To Differ.

Santa is going to need to find another stash of cookies.

Yesterday we heard the saga of the elderly couple arrested for carrying 60 pounds of weed that they said was for "Christmas gifts". Now we take you to a similar story which unfolded in Lafayette County, Missouri.

According to The Kansas City Star, The Missouri Highway Patrol pulled over a U-Haul and found 23.2 pounds of weed cookies, more than 4 pounds of marijuana flower, and a gun. The Highway Patrol tweeted about their haul:

One thing we'd like to nitpick? The assertion that "These are NOT the kind of cookies Santa wants! #NotSantasCookies". We actually spoke to Santa Claus. He'd very much appreciate them:

In any event, the two men driving the U-Haul were arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and for illegal use of a firearm. They haven't been formally charged.

h/t The Kansas City Star


Anyone who's heard of Christmas knows that Santa Claus gives presents to all the good little boys and girls around the world. But any naughty children will end up with a stocking full of coal. But have you ever wondered why Santa gives out coal to the bad kids?