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Christie Administration Must Revisit Cannabis Health Benefits, NJ Court Rules

The Christie administration must reconsider its classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug due to the plant’s “abundantly and glaringly apparent” medical benefits, the New Jersey appeals court has ruled.

The decision was reached in part thanks to autistic South Jersey teenager Genny Barbour, who won the right in 2015 to use cannabis at school for her seizures.

The court noted that other drugs classified as Schedule 1 – which include LSD and heroin – don’t have an “accepted medical use”, and therefore the Division of Consumer Affairs should review marijuana’s inclusion on the list.  

Such a review could pave the way for recreational cannabis legalization under New Jersey’s new governor – set to be elected next week.

The state intends to appeal the court’s decision, but that could change with a new governor.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is known to be an adamant opponent of cannabis, frequently touting what he views as the inevitable consequences of legalization. 

Most recently, he claimed that cannabis legalization would lead to "more death" in the United States. 

h/t Philly Voice


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