Chris Pratt Tells Colbert How He Struck Out With His 'Love Making' Mix Tape

Chris Pratt skyrocketed to fame after starring in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (2014) as Star-Lord, the lovable space thief who crashes around the solar system listening to killer tunes on his legendary mix tapes. But life didn't imitate art when he tried out his cassette skills on his wife - actor Anna Faris - who hated the mix that he put together for their intimate moments.

Pratt got the idea of making a bedroom soundtrack after a sentimental mix tape that he made for his brother got him feeling cocky. 

"I did one for my brother first," Pratt told The Late Show's Stephen Colbert on Tuesday while promoting 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'. "It was an 80s mix. Songs called the 'Guess You Had to Be There' mix. I would be sentimental for him. I gave it to him. He called me and said, 'Bro, I'm crying.' And I'm like, I'm the mix tape guy! I am gonna do one for Anna....And I was thinking in my head, 'This is going to be our love-making mix.' "

But things didn't work out that way. Faris shot down the whole tape after listening to the first song - Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' - and calling Pratt a poser.

"She was looking at me, and I could tell right away - big miss, big miss. And it's a long song...She's like, 'Who are you? You don't listen to Al Green. What're you trying to pull?' "

He added that there's nothing wrong with Green's track, but it doesn't suit his bedroom game. "For me, it's the wrong humping tempo."

Guess he should've listened to John Cusack's mix-tape advice from High Fidelity (2000).


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