Chris Evans Retires From Captain America Role, Hopefully To Spend More Time Rolling Joints

Avengers fans assembled this week to pay tribute to one of the Marvel universe’s greatest heroes.

Chris Evans, aka Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, posted the following tweet on Thursday:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Evans will indeed be hanging up his vibranium shield after the upcoming Avengers flick, scheduled to be released next May.

Why are we writing about this on a cannabis website? Well, we’re big fans of Cap around the office, so, after doing some googling, we also came across this little tidbit - and it’s just too good not to share.

This comes from a October 2015 article on Thrillist, which asked nightclub employees to share their juiciest celebrity stories. We’ll let this unnamed NYC promoter take it from here:

Chris Evans should roll every joint. He was at our table and someone wanted to get high but doesn’t roll. Chris crushed up weed in one hand and prepared the papers in the other. I blinked and suddenly the weed’s all in there and it’s neatly twisted into a cone. He even used a drink ticket to make a filter. It happened in less than a minute and he didn’t bother sitting. It’s one of the best joints I’ve smoked.

Now it must be noted that, as per Thrillist, this story should be enjoyed with a "margarita rimmed with multiple grains of salt." Yet, this snipped from a 2011 interview with Evans on corroborates Cap's love of the herb:


Now that’s a hero. It’s heartening to imagine the First Avenger helping citizens with his superpowered joint-rolling abilities. 

Godspeed, Cap, and long may you (allegedly) roll.

Banner Image: Getty Images/Mark Davis 


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