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Will Chris Christie as Attorney General Be Worse for Marijuana Than Jeff Sessions?

When Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General, most marijuana advocates celebrated that one of the biggest anti-cannabis crusaders in America would no longer be the nation's top law enforcement official. But is it possible that Sessions' replacement could actually be worse for marijuana?

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is reported by many media outlets to be the frontrunner to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. And some have made the claim that not only would Christie not be better for marijuana as Attorney General, he could actually be worse!

Christie has long opposed marijuana legalization in any forms. At one point as governor, he promised to never allow any form of marijuana legalization. However, he did eventually sign a bill allowing a limited form of medical marijuana, although that's mainly because the state's legislature probably would've overturned his veto on the issue.

And Christie is no fan of states making their own marijuana laws. While running for president in 2016, he said he would crack down on states that have legalized marijuana. And while he did say this year that states are free to choose their own cannabis laws, he's also referred to marijuana tax revenue as "blood money," which obviously doesn't seem to indicate a positive view of legal marijuana.

Despite Sessions' anti-marijuana rhetoric, the former Attorney General never actually instituted a crackdown on legal marijuana as many feared. But perhaps Christie could take up the reins.

(h/t Reason)


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