Chris Christie Just Said Marijuana Will 'Lead to More Death'

When you think of Chris Christie, you don't tend to think about rational, well-thought out political arguments. And his latest statements about marijuana will simply reinforce that image.

Christie was in Indianapolis to discuss America's opioid addiction as part of a commission created by President Donald Trump. During his speech, Christie began talking about marijuana legalization and how it would make the opioid crisis worse. In fact, he said it would "lead to more death."

"Marijuana legalization will lead to more drug use, not less drug use, will lead to more death not less death, and the national institute of drug abuse has proven it. There is no reason, if I told you today that anything would make your child two and a half time more likely to be addicted to opioids, you would be getting them as far away from it as you possibly could," he said.

We've noted on this website many times that the argument that "marijuana legalization leads to more opioid use" is completely false. In fact, opioid deaths in Colorado decreased after the state legalized cannabis in 2014. We also know that states with medical marijuana have less opioid abuse than those that do not. In fact, the only research that says marijuana leads to more opioid abuse is from data taken from the early 2000s, when few states had legalized medicinal cannabis and none had recreational. All recent data shows the complete opposite to be true.

Ironically, Christie also said in his speech that he wants to stop providing opioids to soldiers in VA hospitals, which is exactly what veterans have asked for as well. Except the veterans want to be prescribed marijuana as a substitute. 

On the bright side, New Jersey will elect a new governor to replace Christie next Tuesday, and the leading candidate is a Democrat who supports recreational marijuana. So we'll finally rid this man from affecting actual policy.

(h/t Fox 59)


If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that more and more seniors are trying cannabis - and an encouraging new study suggests that it’s working rather well. NORML has reported on a new study from the journal Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine, regarding seniors who have used cannabis over the past year. Our readers will not be surprised to learn that marijuana improved their overall quality of life.

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