A Brief History of Chris Christie's Jilted Romance With Bruce Springsteen

Today is Chris Christie's last day in office, which means in just a few more hours, he can go back to stalking Bruce Springsteen full-time. Since running into each other on a plane in 1999, Christie has been mired in an unrequited love affair with Springsteen, who has rejected the governor's many, many PR advances.

The snubs started when Christie invited Springsteen to play his Inaugural Ball in 2010. When the Boss turned him down, Christie hired a tribute group called The B Street Band. Which is kinda like getting shot down by your high school crush, then hiring a prostitute to pose as her at prom.

But Christie was determined to prove he's tougher than the rest of the many fans that have been rebuffed by the Boss over the years. When Springsteen criticized the governor in 2011 for handing out huge tax cuts that could've raised money to help New Jerseyans in need, Christie didn't lash out as he usually does (like when he tore into states that disagreed with him on marijuana legalization). 

Instead, Christie pledged to never let liberalism get between him and Bruce, no matter how much the singer criticized his conservative policies.

"Are you surprised to hear that from Bruce?" Christie said in an interview with Diane Sawyer. "Bruce is liberal. Doesn't mean I like him any less. That's fine. It's his point of view, and he's absolutely welcome to it. And I have great respect for him because he speaks out."

When Bruce refused to bite on that olive branch, Christie said it was a shame since the two of them would find they had plenty of bestie material between them if the Boss would just take a spin with him down thunder road.

“My view on it is that I’m not a priority of his [Springsteen’s] right now,” Christie told The Atlantic in 2012. “At some point maybe I will be. If Bruce and I sat down and talked, he would reluctantly come to the conclusion that we disagree on a lot less than he thinks.”

He gave that interview at a Springsteen show, which isn't surprising since he claimed to have seen the Boss in concert 129 times at that point — including 4 events that he attended with each of his kids while they were still in utero. On top of that, he boasted of knowing every single lyric to every Springsteen song. And he probably knows Courtney Cox's moves to 'Dancing in the Dark' too.

In that same chat with The Atlantic, Christie lashed out at offensive and baseless allegations that he fell asleep at a Springsteen concert earlier that year. The interview was going smoothly until a fellow fan heckled Christie by shouting "Hey Governor, where's your pillow?" 

“I didn’t fall asleep!" Christie snapped. "How could you even believe that? I was meditating. It’s a very spiritual song.”

He shared another spiritual moment with the Boss later in 2012 when Springsteen pitched in to help Christie take care of families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. During the meetings, Springsteen gave the governor a hug that brought him to tears. 

But the budding bromance would be short-lived. Springsteen skewered Christie over Bridgegate during a 2014 appearance on 'The Tonight Show,' where he sang the 'Born to Run' parody 'Gov. Christie Traffic Jam.'

“I have to take a leak but I can’t because I’m stuck in Gov. Chris Christie’s Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam!” Springsteen sang. The moment must've been bittersweet for Christie, who no doubt dreamed of being mentioned in one of the Boss' songs, but definitely not in lyrics that accused him of "killing the working man." 

The sting from that insult didn't last though. Christie recently announced that he will be spending his first full day of private life exactly where you'd expect a superfan: watching the Boss' new show "Springsteen on Broadway."

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