Good News Tory Burch Fans, You Can Now Stay at a Burch Hotel

Chris Burch is known in the fashion world as the founder and co-founder of internationally known retail brands including Tory Burch. Now, Burch is also known in the hospitality world as the co-founder of Nihiwatu, a five-star resort on the Indonesian island, Sumba. With his business partner, hotelier James McBride, the two bought the hostel and spent $30 million in renovations. The hotel opened in 2015 and quickly became known as the best hotel in the world according the Travel + Leisure in 2016. Burch said he bought the hotel for his children to always have a place they can preserve and give back to the community. And that’s exactly what he’s doing as a portion of the hotel’s profits are donated to the Sumba Foundation.  


If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that more and more seniors are trying cannabis - and an encouraging new study suggests that it’s working rather well. NORML has reported on a new study from the journal Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine, regarding seniors who have used cannabis over the past year. Our readers will not be surprised to learn that marijuana improved their overall quality of life.

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