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Chef Leather Storrs Shares His Cannabis-Infused Recipe For 'Stoney Bacon Chocolate Chips'

At the buzzy intersection of salty and sweet you’ll find "stoney," the flavor you crave when you blaze. And that's the best way to describe my recipe for potato chips covered in dark chocolate that's been infused with bacon fat and THC.

When MagicalButter sent me their new line of compound chocolate to test, I was infusing some bacon fat into pork rillettes for my Potted Pork. The bacon fat is supple, deeply smoky and has a suave mouthfeel. The chocolate is brittle, intentionally lean, ready to accept a generous amount of your fat of choice. My mind began to boggle and out popped this stoney love song— bacon fat dark chocolate covered potato chips with candied bacon.

These are idiotically easy to make if you have the MagicalButter “close encounters cooker” (also known as the MB2e) and some of that sexy chocolate from MagicalButter. 

MagicalChocolate 2

My bacon fat came back at 9.8 mg THC per gram. I mixed 90 grams of MagicalButter Dark Chocolate buttons with 10 grams of bacon fat over the hot line in a plastic cup. The chocolate ate it easily and was smooth and shiny. Easily 100 mg in 100 ml. My chips are Eisenhower silver dollar sized. They took between 2 and 3 grams of chocolate each.

What do my Stoney Bacon Chocolate Chips taste like? The soft chocolate and sticky bacon gets needed texture from the chip. It tastes like Willy Wonka made it for Tommy Chong. The perfect combo of savory, salty, sweet and stoney. Here's the recipe.

Stoney Bacon Chocolate Chips

Serving Size: About 40 chips


10 grams infused fat of your choice. (Knowing the potency is good. Do your own math.)

90 grams MB Compound Chocolate—Dark

6 slices quality bacon

2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

1 tablespoon brown sugar

50 handsome potato chips

Fancy salt—I like Maldon, for crunch


Combine the chocolate and the infused fat over a double boiler or a very warm spot or the microwave if you’re really brave. When it melts, whisk smooth and reserve in a warm spot.

Mince the bacon finely and cook it gently in a small, heavy pot (one or two quart sized).

Render the bacon until it is crisp and light golden. Pour off the bacon and fat. Reserve the fat for your next idea.

Put the vinegar and sugar in the hot pot and reduce, scraping up goodies. Add the bacon back to the pan and cook gently for 5 minutes to marry the flavors and mellow the vinegar.


Prepare a surface to accept a big piece of parchment paper or wax paper and smooth it out—or use a MagicalButter Baking Mat. Rub it with a little neutral oil, like canola so your chips pull away cleanly. The chocolate will be loose when it is warm. Bring it to the mat and practice dipping until you like the viscosity. You can always warm it again.

Let the chocolate run from the chip until it stops dripping. Turn chip up, transfer to parchment and sprinkle with a little candied bacon and a couple grains of crunchy salt. Repeat. 


Keep the chips cool and airtight, not in the fridge. They should last a week. But if they do, I'll be disappointed in you.


At 1 mg per gram of chocolate you could put three down if you're a rookie. My chips were between 2.5-3 g of chocolate each.

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Leather Storrs is a native Portlander. Goosed into cooking by his architect father, Storrs is keen on seasonal respect, foraging, and the combination of ingredient, spirit and technique which tells a story. Storrs is a Culinary Institute of America graduate with a BA in romantic period verse. He spouts spooky BS as a live storyteller and hosts a weekly podcast called “The Hotline” with his grade school pal, Kurt Huffman, the force behind Portland’s ChefStable restaurant group. Storrs has helmed the kitchen at Noble Rot, a restaurant he owns with Kimberly Bernosky and his wife, Courtney, since its opening in 2002. Lately he’s been making food with Oregon’s newest cash crop, which includes his new line of edibles, 'Wezz.'

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