Next time you’re in New York City, why gamble with your taste buds when you could take the expert advice of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain?

The globetrotting foodie recently shared his picks for the best NYC restaurants with The Daily Beast, including a mixture of casual Big Apple institutions and luxury eateries. Whether you’re in the mood for classic burgers or heaps upon heaps of mouth-watering pasta, Bourdain’s got you covered.

1. Russ & Daughters: 179 East Houston

This classic hotspot offering NYC’s most acclaimed Jewish food drives Bourdain to “go berserk” over bialys, smoked salmon, chopped liver, cream cheese, fish eggs, and sturgeon. He says: “Let’s say I’ve been away a long time eating perfectly good food in another country, but I’m not in New York. I’m going right to Russ & Daughters. I’m going to beast some Russ & Daughters.”

2. Mission Chinese Food: 171 East Broadway

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This Sichuan restaurant attracts Bourdain primarily with its high-end cocktails. “At Mission Chinese I drink cocktails with food,“ he said. “My judgment is destroyed by the time the appetizers arrive there. They do these lethal drinks that you would never in your right mind drink in any other circumstance. Mai Tais, really? Why not?”

3. Shake Shack

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The American fast-food favorite is an undying staple for Bourdain, who offers: “Chances are, the first thing I’m doing when I get back if I’ve been away for 12 days - I’m exhausted, I’ve flown from Japan or South America and I arrive at my apartment and I’m just destroyed - I’m calling Seamless to get me some Shake Shack.”

4. Osteria Morini: 218 Lafayette Street

This rustic eatery in Lower Manhattan is beloved for its Emilia-Romagna cuisine, which Bourdain loves for its delectable carb-loading capabilities.

5. Marea: 240 Central Park South

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Bourdain frequents this ritzy Italian restaurant for the high-end seafood and pastas, of which he admits to sometimes ordering several. “I’ll go to Morini for a bowl of pasta, or if I really want to blow it out I’ll go to Marea, but just for the pasta. Not that the fish isn’t magnificent, but I’ll go in and eat three or four different pastas.”

h/t The Daily Beast, Travel and Leisure