If you're worried because Attorney General Jeff Sessions keeps threatening to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana, you're in good company. Cannabis culture icons Cheech and Chong are also terrified that Sessions will sic the DEA on them.

"I can't sleep at night, man," Cheech Marin told The Daily Beast recently.

"Me neither," Tommy Chong added. "I walk around the house screaming, 'I want you to border your houses. Jeff Sessions, why are you in my life? Damn you!'”

It's no surprise that the comedy duo are afraid of the attorney general. After co-starring in 8 stoner comedies together (with an 'Up in Smoke' sequel coming in the near future), Cheech and Chong are synonymous with marijuana. On top of that, Chong has lent his support to legalization campaigns across the country, and Cheech recently appeared in a commercial helping aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs file their paperwork with the state of California.

So in Sessions' eyes, they are pot public enemies #1 and #2.

But although they're losing sleep right now, Chong thinks that the legalization movement will prevail in the end, when Trump's opposition to marijuana reform will be just another dark chapter in his presidential legacy.

"Truth is, it’s just part of Trump’s folly, which he’ll have to deal with in his big finale, which is coming," Chong said. "When that happens this will just be part of his negative legacy."