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Cheech and Chong Are Selling a Smokable Christmas Ornament Because of Course They Are

Ever wake up on Christmas morning thinking, "Man, I wish my gifts were covered in ashes so it looked like they were actually dragged through a real chimney"? Well, you're in luck because Cheech and Chong have released a Christmas ornament that doubles as a cannabis pipe, which means your tree is sure to reek of weed and be dusted with the ashes of sessions past this year.

The smokable ornaments - which come in four festive colors - are officially licensed by Cheech and Chong, whose cartoon likenesses adorn each and every pipe.

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They cost $41.25 a piece, according to the official site for Cheech and Chong Glass, which also includes a whimsical portrayal of high driving in the ad for the ornaments.

"Fly high with Cheech & Chong, and Santa’s reindeer this Holiday Season with our hand blown glass ornament hand pipes," the site reads. "Use them to decorate your tree, smoke out of them, or both - please, not at the same time!  Just make sure Santa isn't late for dinner - his Old Lady wouldn't be impressed!"

While highway patrol officers definitely won't be happy about that ad, the fire marshal will probably be equally annoyed by the ornament itself. Every year, roughly 170 household fires in America are started by Christmas trees, causing roughly $12 million in damages. So if you do buy a Cheech and Chong pipe ornament, you might want to avoid actually using it so that a rogue ember ruins your Christmas.


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