VIDEO: Have Cheech And Chong Mellowed With Age?

It goes without saying that Cheech and Chong are synonymous with slacker marijuana culture. Just today, we published a piece in which Ted Nugent (a supporter of legal medicinal marijuana) is quoted speaking disparagingly of "legalizing recreational Cheech and Chong ganja."

But are today's Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong the same wonderfully entertaining caricatures from movies like Up in Smoke? (I still laugh my way through that car scene nearly 40 years later.)

The guys from The Cruz Show certainly seemed to hope so during an interview for 420 in Los Angeles last week. From the outset, J Cruz and his crew laugh and snicker, and make stoner references, but a relatively subdued Cheech and Chong don't play to type.

They were certainly good humoured. When Cruz asks them if watching scenes from their old movies "brings them back" to those times, Cheech said, "No, it brings us royalties, which is better than memories."

When Cruz asks Chong, "How lit are you right now?", Chong pauses, furrows his brow, and says, "Probably, pretty good." Though truthfully he doesn't seem high at all. He just seems to be playing to the question.

That's a long way from the "Up in Smoke" car scene when Cheech asks him about the strength of the huge joint he's about to smoke: "You better put your seatbelt on, man, I'll tell you that much," says Chong.

The interview is worth watching just for the contrast between Cheech and Chong, young and old, and Chong's stories about how he passed his time in prison for making bongs by taking up gardening and pottery.

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