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These Animated Throwback Interviews Will Challenge How You See Celebrities

For years, the animators behind Blank on Blank have been bringing lost celebrity interviews back to life as insightful, mesmerizing and often hilarious cartoons. Here's a collection from the animation archive that are guaranteed to challenge how you see famous celebrities.

1. Jimi Hendrix on hippies

People often think of hippies as laid back and accepting people. But Jimi Hendrix found the love generation to be just as snobbish as the squares in the 1960s.

"Freaks are very prejudiced," Hendrix told Keith Altham in September 1970 - one week before the legendary guitarist died. "You have to have your hair long and talk a certain way in order to be with them. In order to be the other way, you have to have your hair short and wear ties. So we're trying to make this third world happen, you know what I mean?"

2. Jim Morrison on being fat

The Doors' frontman sounded like he had smoked something that gave him a wicked case of the munchies just before sitting down for an interview with Howard Smith in 1969. The "lizard king" was more concerned with discussing lunch than his band's latest album - The Soft Parade

"Are you hungry?" Morrison asked Smith. "Maybe we could order out for some sandwiches or something. Did you have breakfast this morning?"

Fans will undoubtedly be surprised that the raucous singer - who was being charged for allegedly exposed himself at a concert earlier that year - could sound so maternal. He even nagged Smith when the interviewer confessed that he only had a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast.

"Is that all you had? You should eat more, Howard."

Afterward, Morrison discussed why he feels the most happy and at ease when he's overweight. "Fat is beautiful," he said.

3. Bill Murray on fame's underwhelming perks

Some celebrities let fame go to their head. (We're looking at you, Katherine Heigl.) But others don't get taken in by the glitz and glamor of fame. In fact, some don't seem to care for it at all. Back in 1988, Bill Murray admitted that he didn't think much of being famous.

"The only good thing about fame that I've gotten is I've gotten out of a few speeding tickets. I've gotten into a restaurant when I didn't have a suit and tie on. That's really about it. And you can talk to girls more easily. They will talk to you. You don't necessarily do any better with them. But they will talk to you. It's almost like being in the ladies room sometimes because they feel comfortable with you and they will say a lot of things they wouldn't talk to anybody they would consider a suitor. They think of you as some kind of freak."

4. The Beastie Boys on genres and stereotypes

When The Beastie Boys chatted with Rocci Fisch in 1985, they were still struggling as an opening act for Madonna's Like a Virgin Tour. But getting a lower billing was the least of their problems one night when the cops roughed them up and threw them in jail for using profanity during a concert.

But they were much more upset when Fisch asked them about critics who described their music as suburban rap.

"Whoever said that's an ignorant moron because we're certainly not rap music for the suburbs," Ad-Rock said. "We're soul, hardcore, b-boy music. And we do not play sucka music. Chaka Khan I Feel for You is suburb rap music." 

Then the trio discussed stereotypes about rappers.

5. Larry King's (failed) one-night stand

If you don't want to learn about Larry King's hilarious sexual escapades, please stop reading. In a 2001 interview with Cal Fussman, the longtime radio show host recalled a night in his early twenties spent working the graveyard shift when a caller phoned in and requested a quickie. There was no one around to cover his shift, so he went on air and said he would broadcast the entire Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall album - uninterrupted.

"I had 33 minutes," King told Fussman. "Which is all the time I needed. To this day, that's still true."

King drove to the woman's house for the encounter, where the woman had the radio on. And no sooner did he kiss her than he heard the record skipping. With his job on the line, he fled to fix the record - ruining the tryst and nearly ending his career. 

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