NRA Calls Marijuana A 'Harlot' And 'Seductress' In Bizarre PSA

If you've never watched NRA TV, good. There's no need to waste brain cells on the elaborate infomercials on the gun lobbyist's digital channel. Their programming includes horrendous tirades against the mainstream media, shows where people reenact gun battles from movies, and bizarre PSAs like the anti-marijuana clip that John Oliver aired yesterday on 'Last Week Tonight.'

"Hidden beneath a dense canopy of deciduous trees is a prostitute of sorts," the narrator of the PSA says. "And those who profit by selling her will stop at nothing to exploit her. Sold and promoted for her non-addictive, even medicinal advantages, what lies behind the veil of this seductress is far different than what she first appears to be. She is a harlot and her name is Mary Jane."

So the NRA is not only anti-marijuana but also pro-slut-shaming, Oliver said. 

"I didn't think this was possible, but I think that guy just slut-shamed marijuana. And don't get me started on mushrooms, those filthy tramps. They'll grow next to any tree at all. Whores with spores, that's what I call 'em."

Check out Oliver's critique of other NRA TV segments in the clip below.


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