Check Out the Most Popular Car Model in Every Country

It's easy for us to get in our little geographical bubbles and not really pay attention to the trends around the world. This includes everything from coffee to alcohol to what types of cars we drive. The folks over at Indigo decided to really delve into that last one, and they came up with this beautiful map that displays the make and model of the most popular cars across the globe. 

For a more detailed look, check out this enlarged map


For a more detailed look, check out this enlarged map

Some things that might jump out at you: It's surprising to see a truck as the #1 car in the United States, although it does make sense as the F-150 has become ubiquitous when it comes to work vehicles. It's also interesting to see American cars popular in Brazil, Egypt and Nigeria. Otherwise, Japanese vehicles rule many of the non-European countries, 

My favorite? The Saipa Pride. What an amazing name for a car. 


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