Thirty years ago, actor Bruce Willis launched his music career by releasing the R&B album 'The Return of Bruno'. And to promote the record, Willis - who turns 56 today - teamed up with an all-star cast of musicians in a This Is Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary that charted Bruno's fictitious rise to fame and return to stardom with the new album.

In some ways, the fake documentary anticipated the 1994 dramedy 'Forrest Gump'. Like Forrest, Bruno's travels has huge ripple effects on cultural movements. He allegedly inspired major cultural events like Woodstock and pioneered psychedelic rock.

"If it hadn't have been for Bruno, there would be no Beatles," the real Ringo Starr said at one point in the sketch.

"Bruno gave me an invaluable piece of advice," Elton John added. "Nothing succeeds in life like excess."

"I think he probably took more acid than anyone's ever taken in the whole world in one go," Phil Collins noted.

Other stars appearing in the film include Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, all three Bee Gees, Joan Baez and more. Check it out.