Here Are the Cities with the Cheapest and Most Expensive Marijuana in the World

Here at Civilized, we often share what states or cities in America have the cheapest marijuana. But that only helps people living in the United States. What about people who enjoy cannabis around the world?

The Guardian recently published an article about which cities around the world have the cheapest and most expensive cannabis. And it turns out there were exactly zero cities from the United States on the list. Here were the five cheapest cities according to their data:

1. Quito, Ecuador: $1.33 per gram

2. Bogota, Colombia: $2.18 per gram

3. Asuncion, Paraguay: $2.20 per gram

4. Jakarta, Indonesia: $3.76 per gram

5. Panama City, Panama: $3.83 per gram

To put that in perspective, the average price per gram in the United States is probably around $10. So you’re paying only about one-tenth of what you would in America down in Ecuador. That’s pretty crazy.

Now let’s take a look at the most expensive cities for buying marijuana around the world.

1. Tokyo, Japan: $32.42 per gram

2. Seoul, South Korea: $32.21 per gram

3. Kyoto, Japan: $29.44 per gram

4. Hong Kong, China: $27.29 per gram

5. Bangkok, Thailand: $24.63 per gram

So in the most expensive cities in the world, you’d be paying around three times as much for marijuana than you would in the United States.

Perhaps it’s best that you stick to the United States for your marijuana. It also helps that it’s actually legal in many areas here, so you won’t have to work about causing an international incident.

(h/t The Guardian)


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